Trading Hours:

Monday – Wednesday:

5am – 5.30pm


Thursday - Friday:

5am – 5.30pm



5am – 4.30pm



6.30am – 4.30pm


(Kitchen closes at 2.30pm DAILY)









6.30AM - 2.30PM


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Trading Hours:

Monday - Wednesday:

5am - 5.30pm

Thursday & Friday:

5am - 5.30pm


5am - 4.30pm


6.30am - 4.30pm

(Kitchen closes at 2.30pm DAILY)



Luddenham Village Café is the hidden gem in the small beautiful country town of Luddenham, located on the Northern Road, it stands smack bang in the centre of Penrith and Narellan.


The café prides itself on its own unique facility. All under one roof it?s your ?one stop shop? for in house roasted coffee, the best of all savoury Panini and foccacia?s, and of course our massive range of Italian sweets and tortes.


It is most renound for its ability to show the customer how important and unique it is to have freshly roasted coffee. It is a standard feature that whilst you?re waiting for your coffee, you are able to watch our roaster at work with its unique aroma customers are able to watch a raw coffee bean in its natural state go through its roasting process and finish as a readily consumable coffee bean all within 20 minutes. Luddenham Village Café is known to its locals as LVC.


Luddenham Village Café prides itself on its savoury sandwich / foccacia bar, Luddenham Village Café only use the most readily sourced local produce from a Mulgoa grower currently and depending on availability about 15?]20% of certain produce is sourced from Victoria. We also use a variety of Italian cured meats to showcase that good produce mixed with homemade bread and cured meats is a match made in heaven.


Apart from coffee not only for our locals but people travel from a far for our Italian cannoli, they are made & piped to order so there is no secrets, a fresh crunchy buttery pastry filled with our famous flavoured cream inside.


We could go onto carry on about all our gorgeous specialty cakes but ultimately they speak for themselves. Whether it?s coffee you?re serving up to your family on a Sunday lunch, or an antipasto platter that?s being showcased at your kitchen tea, or even a large tray of gorgeous petite Italian sweets, we only sell to our customers what we would give to our families. If it?s good enough for us, it?s going to be just as amazing for our customers who are now our friends.